Why grooming the cat

Cats are distinguished by their cleanliness. Every day, several times they lick their fur. If the cat smooth coat with little undercoat, such hygiene not harm her. But fluffy cats, licking themselves, ingesting hair, which in the stomach break into lumps. This often leads to gastrointestinal diseases and sometimes to death.

Fluffy cats is recommended to do hygienic haircut. In the warm season, especially in the hot summer, this haircut is simply necessary. If your cat had a few tangles from the coat, it is better to cut them separately and uniformly to cut the animal. Also shortening hairline cats will help bring parasites and to cure dermatitis.

Hygienic haircut can be done at any veterinary clinic, there are professional machines. But the owner of a furry pet is more profitable to buy such a device and learn how to shave a cat yourself. For comfortable life of the animal, which had long hair, you need at least 3 mm.

If recommended by veterinarians for the treatment of any disease, it is possible to leave only 1-2 mm of wool. But in any case it is impossible to cut the cats with scissors, as the delicate skin of animal is very easy to injure.

Model haircuts cats

Model hairstyles by animals not absolutely necessary, but very popular with the owners of the stylish, trendy Pets. The most popular and simple haircut cats:

"Leo". This haircut is actually hygienic, since most cats flaunt as the king of beasts in the hot summer to avoid diaper rash. Strange, but the cats in the lion's way do not look Regal, and funny. The animals themselves after the haircut behave depressed, it is felt that they are uncomfortable.

"Puma" is more natural for the cat hair, than a "lion." The hair on the body of the animal trimmed exactly, it turns a beautiful smooth sheepskin". The tail, if it does not tangles, not touch. It was on the tail can make a creative haircut - "the Christmas tree", "whisk", "pigtail", "zigzag" and others.

Rules for home haircuts cats

If you decide to do the grooming your pet at home, get a special machine, do not use regular scissors. Quiet cat - lover different procedures can be safely cut without preliminary sawing claws. A nervous animal is better "disarm" - to invite the helper to keep carefully the cat.

May need a special collar that protects the owner from the bites, and the cat from injury. If the cat is very nervous, give her a sedative for animals. Take your time and cut pet calmly, without shouting and sudden movements.