Advice 1: What is dangerous tangles in cats

Long haired cats delight of others a surprising appearance. The owners of these shaggy splendours know how much time and effort should be spent to cat hair remained shiny and healthy.
What is dangerous tangles in cats
The biggest aesthetic problem for owners is matted fur or tangles in the animal. They appear in long-haired cats regardless of their environment.


Fallen in a natural way the hairs get tangled up in long hair and can't leave the coat of a cat – they need to be combed. You should only skip a brushing or unfair to do that is immediately the favorite acquires unpleasant form clumps of tangled wool.

This is because the animal itself is unable to care for the coat of great length and care needs of the owner. The cat is hard to groom hairs, reaching thirteen inches in length.

For man, the Mat is the cat is only an aesthetic discomfort to a pleasure to contemplate pet unkempt. As for the cat it is fraught with health problems. Tangling of hairs indicates a wrong diet of an animal should reconsider his diet, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

If animal get fleas, a favorite habitat and breeding - mats. Hair pretty tangle at the base, the animal's skin shrinks and there is a blood disorder that can lead to the necrosis area.

Under the mats can hide scratches and abrasions. When the skin is not supplied with air, these wounds can get disease-causing bacteria, which will lead to festering wounds.

Caught in the stomach hairs are about lumps and disrupt its natural functioning.
For sale is a special paste for removing hair from stomach. A specialized diet also solves this problem.

Methods of struggle

The first thing to have in the house a comb, a shampoo and a conditioner for long-haired animals. The air conditioning makes the hair silky and less prone to tangling. Comb this kind of hair is easier.

Small mats choose carefully with your fingers, the animal in this procedure, to stroke and soothe. If the Mat is later seen, has acquired critical dimensions – no hairstyle can not do. Do not be afraid - usually cats normally tolerate such procedures.

Small areas it is recommended to cut with scissors or a special catunaregam. With large lesions, hindering the movement of the cat can only be a clipper.

Many salons offer animal clippers for cats. The owners of Persian cats often use these services. The coat of the animal is constantly updated, and none of the mats are not terrible.

Advice 2: How many fingers have cats

If your house lives a cat or a cat, there lives the joy. These graceful animals are rarely someone can be indifferent, especially when they tread on your knees to finger her. By the way, how many toes the cat?
How many fingers have cats
Innumerable admirers of these small independent whiskered predators that walk by themselves. As has become clear, it will be about cats. These Pets are beautiful from nose to tip of tail, and especially touching them chubby heels and the bean-like toes on their feet.

How many fingers in the cat normal

Normal cats on each of the front paws and 5 toes. With 4 of them touch the surface when walking, and the fifth is separated from them and not touching the floor. On their hind legs in cats are normal 4 finger. In total the cats must be 18 fingers.

On each finger the cat has a claw. Order your favorite accidentally scratch someone and did not spoil the walls and the sofas, my claws on them, they can be cut. It goes like this: about once a week the tip of the claw is cut with a special kogterezki, which you can buy at the pet store. Interestingly, after some time, cut off the tip of the claw is removed, like the cover, and underneath is a new, sharp as a needle, tip. If you are concerned that your Mouser will sharpen their claws on furniture and carpets, buy him a scratching post made of durable felt. They come in both stationary and mounted on the wall. Cats love them and enthusiastically sharpening their claws on them.

How many fingers could be the cat

Among cats widespread natural genetic mutation, the result of which is they have extra toes on the paws. This mutation is called polydactyly ("poly" - many, "daktylos - fingers in Greek). She is absolutely not dangerous for the animal, but to modern standards cats with "extra" fingers are unable to participate in exhibitions. So the breeders of purebred animals are monitored to cat-polydactyly not knit and did not produce offspring.

In life the only disadvantage for the owner of a cat, which has more than 18 toes – is that he has cut a greater number of claws. In addition to this, there are legends that these cats bring happiness – that's why they are so popular, for example, of sailors.

The most famous cat-polydactyl live in the UK. She has 7 toes on front paws and 6 on the back, is easy to calculate that the amount of the cat's 26 toes. Otherwise it's perfectly healthy and normal animal, beloved by their owners and, in turn, utterly dedicated to them.
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