You will need
  • - remover for oil paints;
  • - solution of caustic soda;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - gauze bandage;
  • - Mel;
  • - slaked lime;
  • - soda ash;
  • - vinegar;
  • construction Hairdryer;
  • triangular spatula;
  • - metal brush.
Get the store ready for a wash of oil paint, or use a caustic soda solution (20-25%). If the surface was painted not very long ago, they are well up to the task. Before use wash carefully read the instructions. Work with it be extremely careful, wear rubber gloves and a gauze mask.
For old coatings, prepare a special paste: mix the chalk with slaked lime (1:1), carefully pour the 20% solution of caustic soda, stirring with a wooden stick. The paste is applied on the painted surface for 2-3 hours, after that the paint should be easily removed with a knife. In those places where it will remain, the treatment should be repeated. Another version of the recipe: mix soda ash, crushed chalk and burnt lime (7:25:12), carefully diluted with water. After removing the paint first wash the surface with water with vinegar, then clean water.
We can use the so-called construction a Hairdryer heated the paint reared and easily removed with a scraper. The disadvantage of this method is that the surface cannot be processed all at once, but only small fragments. Experts advise: wood surfaces, e.g. of furniture, every paint is best to remove a triangular spatula, so less chance of damage to the Foundation.
If none of the above methods did not help you, there is only one mechanical paint removal. You can use the nozzle on the "grinder" is a special wire brush. After removing the paint surface is cleaned of large sandpaper.