You will need
  • -water
  • fluffy cushion
  • -spatula
Well to wet the ceiling several times with a roller. Use warm water and dampen as much as possible. It is necessary to achieve disintegration of the layer of latex paint. If you paint do not absorb water, so that it water-resistant. May not suffer to soak it will not work in any substance, not to mention the water. Substances that are added to this kind of vodoemulsionki, repel moisture, and do not give to get her in the color molecules.
Now using a spatula scrape the sodden layer of paint. Can use a scraper on a long handle. It should be removed easily enough, before the Foundation of the inner layer of the ceiling (putty). If the paint is water-resistant, obdurate with a spatula, however, this is not so easy. Wear a respirator to dust out of your lungs. If the spatula there is no result, a little knock on the ceiling with a hammer and continue to tear.
If in some places the paint came off and fell away pieces of plaster, dilute any mixture of putty and level the surface of the ceiling. Let all dries out a bit, and apply a coat of primer. Can re-paint the ceiling in a different color. The same treatment option and washes of latex paint is used for further installation of suspended ceilings.