First, in order to prevent unpleasant consequences, immediately after cutting food rinse the Board, so the smell will not have time to absorb. You can use a glass Board, it is not subject to mechanical damage, respectively, in cuts not accumulate bacteria.
If you don't like grinding a knife on glass and prefer wood or plastic, then proceed to total cleaning. Perfect natural cleaning products is baking soda, salt, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and citric acid. Using these ingredients, you will completely clean your Board. For example, hydrogen peroxide kills germs. And the combination of salt and lemon and remove the odor. Sprinkle a little salt and RUB it with half a lemon. Board cleared!
Baking soda is a natural cleanser that is still used by our grandmothers. Make a paste of soda and RUB into the Board, while not fully remove the impurities, this method is especially good for plastic boards.
Vinegar is ideal for cleaning wooden planks, wipe the Board with vinegar solution, rinse well with water and allow the Board to dry. With this wash you keep the wood, and your Board will last you longer.