Features of cultivation

It is an absolutely undemanding plant three years grows from seeds in a pretty tree, but begins to bear fruit only after 7-8 years. Of course, if you buy a ready plant, the fruit will receive soon. To accelerate the fruiting of Mandarin also can instill.

He easily tolerates both cool and hot too content in in the Central heating season. All he needs is a lot of light, abundant watering, occasional feeding. Mandarin does not like drafts and strong winds. The lack of light resets the leaves. The same thing happens when drought (or excessive watering). In summer, you can keep room Mandarin outdoors. Room Mandarin requires a cool winter, in winter it is advisable to provide him with a temperature of +16°C. After wintering tree is in growth, produces flowers and tying the fruit.

Formative pruning

For forming the crown of the desired shape and encourage fruiting you need to do formative pruning.

The growth of the tangerine tree grows, losing the compactness and attractiveness, so it requires regular pruning. She held the young plants by the method of pinching – pinch out the Central stem at a height of about 30 cm from the soil. Adult trees, pruning is done with a sharp knife or secateurs. Central escape to remove necessarily. With him, the crown will not have the same decorative appearance. And it will form new shoots unsympathetic. But most importantly, this escape usually does not bear fruit, because flower buds are not formed on it.

The side branches leaving only the strong, growing symmetrically, in the amount of 3-4 pieces. Pinch or cut at 10-15 cm they appear the branches of the second order, which also require trimming. Are trimmed and the branches of the third order. But the fourth, growing horizontally to the side, give flowers and fruits. Also remove all excess materials, branches that grow straight up or inside.

In addition to pruning, young tangerine sapling requires annual transplant to the new soil nutrient and pot of larger size. Transplanting is done after a period of rest. Adult plants are transplanted less frequently, every 2-3 years, as growth.

Mandarin better than other citrus plants is by vaccination. On it you can literally learn how to cultivate all sorts of citrus exotics – it is from these experiments only better will grow.