Advice 1: How to cut room Mandarin

Room Mandarin is ideal as a home exotic pet for beginners and beginners. The lightest care. Profuse flowering. Unchanged fruition in the form of gratitude, caring owners. Highly decorative on the tree simultaneously with fragrant flowers fragrant ripe thin-skinned clementines.
Room Mandarin is in need of formative pruning

Features of cultivation

It is an absolutely undemanding plant three years grows from seeds in a pretty tree, but begins to bear fruit only after 7-8 years. Of course, if you buy a ready plant, the fruit will receive soon. To accelerate the fruiting of Mandarin also can instill.

He easily tolerates both cool and hot too content in in the Central heating season. All he needs is a lot of light, abundant watering, occasional feeding. Mandarin does not like drafts and strong winds. The lack of light resets the leaves. The same thing happens when drought (or excessive watering). In summer, you can keep room Mandarin outdoors. Room Mandarin requires a cool winter, in winter it is advisable to provide him with a temperature of +16°C. After wintering tree is in growth, produces flowers and tying the fruit.

Formative pruning

For forming the crown of the desired shape and encourage fruiting you need to do formative pruning.

The growth of the tangerine tree grows, losing the compactness and attractiveness, so it requires regular pruning. She held the young plants by the method of pinching – pinch out the Central stem at a height of about 30 cm from the soil. Adult trees, pruning is done with a sharp knife or secateurs. Central escape to remove necessarily. With him, the crown will not have the same decorative appearance. And it will form new shoots unsympathetic. But most importantly, this escape usually does not bear fruit, because flower buds are not formed on it.

The side branches leaving only the strong, growing symmetrically, in the amount of 3-4 pieces. Pinch or cut at 10-15 cm they appear the branches of the second order, which also require trimming. Are trimmed and the branches of the third order. But the fourth, growing horizontally to the side, give flowers and fruits. Also remove all excess materials, branches that grow straight up or inside.

In addition to pruning, young tangerine sapling requires annual transplant to the new soil nutrient and pot of larger size. Transplanting is done after a period of rest. Adult plants are transplanted less frequently, every 2-3 years, as growth.

Mandarin better than other citrus plants is by vaccination. On it you can literally learn how to cultivate all sorts of citrus exotics – it is from these experiments only better will grow.

Advice 2 : How to grow a Mandarin house in the pot

Fans of exotic can get myself a tangerine tree, and even to grow it yourself from seeds or cuttings. It is a fascinating exercise, and if done correctly, will even disrupt the orange fruit from the Bush on the windowsill.
How to grow a Mandarin house in the pot

The cultivation of Mandarin from bone

The most affordable way is to grow a tangerine tree from seeds. For this you will need a ripe tangerine and a pot with soil. First remove the bone from the fetus and treat it with a growth stimulant, which can always be bought in the gardening store. Follow the instructions that usually is on the label.

Next, put on the bottom of the pot with a hole a few broken shards or pieces of brick. It will drain, without which the roots will be damp and stuffy. Fill the pot with soil. For her take purchased land for citrus or prepare a mixture of humus, sod land, peat and sand, taken in equal quantities.
Land for Mandarin should be steamed over a pot of boiling water.

Put the bone into the pot, pour and put in a warm place. Will have to wait long, only a month will appear in Rostock. This time the soil must be periodically watered so that the soil doesn't dry out. Move the pot with the sprout into the lighted area, take care of the young tree and after a couple of years you will receive a beautiful plant that will bloom and delight even the fruits. True, they won't taste good, but to get the sweet tangerines, you need to instill this Bush at a young age, or grow another plant from cuttings.
For the grafting of Mandarin need to take a stalk or a kidney from the varietal plants.

The cultivation of Mandarin from cutting

To obtain a plant with sweet fruits, you will need a Mandarin with a twig and a leaf. So you can buy in the store. Importantly, the sprig was withered. Cut the stalk with leaf and plant in loose fertile soil. Pour and cover the cut in half plastic bottle of sparkling water with the removed cap.

A few months later the branch will take root and there will be new leaves. All this time, it is important to monitor soil moisture. When the plant finally strengthened, the cover can be removed. Further care is regular watering, annual transplant into a bigger pot with soil replacement and fertilizing. For the dressing take the manure, diluted with water in proportion 1:10. Water the soil under the home tree with this solution 2 times a year, in spring and autumn.

First, Mandarin will grow, then it will bloom beautiful white flowers, and soon you will be able to enjoy the fruits grown personally on the windowsill.

Advice 3 : How to care for a Mandarin house

In the nature of a tangerine tree is quite tall and reaches 4 meters. However, there are dwarf varieties of Mandarin, or Satsuma varieties that are successfully grown indoors.
How to care for a Mandarin house

Reproduction Mandarin

Mandarin propagated by seeds and vegetatively. For landing you can take the seeds from any fruit. Remove them and immediately put them in fertile substrate consisting of leaf humus and sand with the addition of a small amount of fat clay. Seedlings appear quickly and in a few years become quite lush bushes.
Flowering and fruiting Mandarin grown in this way comes very late. The process can be accelerated if to cultivate the plant.

Vegetative method of propagation is rather laborious, but reproducing Mandarin so you will get fruit much faster in 2-4 years. If air slips. To do this, select a suitable branch and remove the bark with a width of about 2 cm and Tie it place damp moss and moisten it periodically as it dries, the substrate should always be wet. After some time, the nucleus should appear roots. Cut a twig and put him in a pot of light soil.

How to care for a Mandarin

Tangerines, unlike other citrus fruits, are relatively undemanding and require minimal maintenance, but to keep them flowering and fruiting, you need to create a plant with certain conditions.

Light Mandarin essential bright but diffused. Put the pot on the East or West window. On Sunny days pritenyayut from direct sunlight.

The plant is hygrophilous. In the spring and summer it should be watered 1-2 times per day soft water at room temperature. In winter, watering should be slightly reduced, but the soil in the pot should always be moist, do not allow drying earthen coma, as the Mandarin may lose leaves. Regularly spray the plant, especially if the room is very dry air.
To achieve the required moisture content, pour in a tray of expanded clay and moisten it. As it dries pour in the pan a little water.

During the period of active growth during budding and fruiting fertilize plants with organic and mineral fertilizers. Use a complete fertilizer for citrus, and as organic matter - manure from cow manure (ratio 1:10).

Transplant plants

Young bushes Mandarin should be transplanted annually, and Mature plants once in 3 years. The best time for this is spring, this time in Mandarin begins the period of active growth, so the plant will reschedule.

On the bottom of the pot, pour a layer of drainage. This may be broken bricks, crushed stone or expanded clay. Then, pour a nourishing, but lightweight substrate for citrus. Remove the plant from the old pot, shake off the ground and wash the roots in warm water. Sick and rotten, remove and put the Mandarin in fresh soil.

Adult large plants transplant quite problematic, but you can do the replacement of the top soil in the container. Remove about 5 cm of the old soil and add fresh soil. Lightly seal and pour warm water the plant.

Advice 4 : How to make homemade Mandarin

Growing at home Mandarinhave sooner or later will need a transplant. The reason for this, as a rule, it is the tightness of the pot. Young trees recommended to be transplanted once a year, if the plant is older than seven years, transplanting should be done every two years.
How to make homemade Mandarin

To perform the transplant of Mandarin, you will need to prepare a special soil mixture. It is necessary to choose mixture for citrus or customize it. To do this, take half of the desired amount of grassy land, the other half in equal parts mixed leaf land, humus and sand.

The pot in which you will transplant the tangerine, it is necessary to pick up a few inches greater than the previous diameter. Little plant it is impossible in advance to replant in a large pot – this can lead to rotting of the root system. In addition, it is impractical and from an aesthetic point of view it looks not very good.

Mandarin growing in the home, prefer lighter substrates with a slight acidity, as well as those trees that grow in nature. On the bottom of the prepared for the transplant containers need to lay drainage to prevent root rot and stagnant water. Material for drainage can serve as small stones or clay pellets, foam pieces, pieces of pottery.

It is impossible to carry out change room Mandarin at the time when it blooms. This is best done in spring when the plant wakes up after hibernation.

A couple of days before repotting to stop the feed of the plant. Fertilizer should not be used in a couple of weeks after repotting to give the plant safely settle in a new place.

After the plant is transplanted, it needs a little watering, so the soil could settle and lie down. After half an hour the plant is inspected and, if necessary, add to the pot some more land.

Advice 5 : How to transplant a Mandarin

Home tangerine citrus, an evergreen plant that can become a real decoration for your home. However, the plant brought joy, you must know all the nuances of the care of Mandarin and rules for its transplant.
How to transplant a Mandarin
You will need
  • loam;
  • - ground sheet;
  • - humus;
  • - sand;
  • - drainage;
  • - pot of a larger size;
  • - warm water.
With proper care at home tangerine tree can grow up to one meter in height, blossom and even bear fruit. But in order to obtain such results, it is necessary to care for plant that requires annual transplant at a young age. To put the Mandarin in the first place, care must be taken that the soil was suitable for citrus plants.
In order to obtain the correct ground, take half of a pot of sod land, and the other half make up from equal proportions of leaf, humus and sand. Mix the soil.
Prepare a new pot for home of Mandarin. It needs to be more than the previous several centimeters in diameter, but it is not necessary to transplant small Mandarin in a large pot, as its root system can rot. On the bottom of the new pot be sure to put drainage, it is necessary to ensure that water does not stagnate in the pot. The quality of drainage you can use the stones of small size or expanded clay.
When all transplant Mandarin is prepared, pour room Mandarin with warm water, the water should be 15-20oC. Give the plant time to it were filled with water, and after a few minutes gently remove the old pot, be careful to not damage the roots of the Mandarin. In any case, not Strachowice with the roots of the plant an old earth, or the Mandarin may not take root in a new place.
Take the new pot, fill it with prepared soil and vertically install the plant, then fill it the rest of the land. Pour the Mandarin with warm water and leave. In this transplant the tangerine tree is finished. To better plant took root in a new place, be sure to follow the climate of the room. The mandarins do not love the heat and extreme temperatures, but the humidity they require is quite high.
Homemade mandarins under the age of four years should be transplanted every year in the future, the plant requires periodic transplant every 3-4 years.
Useful advice
In any case, do not attempt to transplant the tangerine tree in the period of its flowering, it is best to transplant the plant in early spring, when it begins to Wake up after hibernation.
2-3 days before transplanting stop feeding the plants, and after you've transplanted Mandarin, do not use fertilizer within two weeks.
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