Select the foal a name that must begin with the first letter of the nickname his mother. Further, it is desirable that the nickname met the first letter of the name of the father of the foal. For Example, Marshmallows = Care + Flipper. If the desired letter, a name is very difficult to find, allowed a slight permutation. For example, if the nickname mother's Flute, then her descendants can pick up a name starting with the letter f and the letter L. In the Western countries called born stallions by the first letter of the name of the father, and of the mares by the name of mother.
Do not use the following names of founders of families, a well-known thoroughbred sires and Queens, and names of people without their permission, nicknames, which use more than 18 characters, the names that are contrary to the principles of morality. Absolutely forbidden are the names: Aniline, Peony, Arris wood, because is the nickname of well-known manufacturers.
If you can't come up with a nickname, please refer to world wide web. On the website you can find the full list of names for your foal.
Refer to a special source. There is a Handbook, authored by S. Guriev. This book is called "2000 names for Pets". Listed in her name you may well be able to find the right.
Keep in mind that the nickname should be sonorous, beautiful, approach the habits and disposition of the animal. Don't forget the old principle: "as you the yacht name, so it will float". The same fully fit to choose a name for the horse.
So as you can see, the selection of a name for the horse – not easy. Try to choose the best option and don't forget about what your horse can bear his name a good reputation.