First, you can do push-UPS using the parallel bars. Try to grab them so that they are in width slightly exceeded your shoulders. Now, bend legs, hands definitely right. Case it should slightly tilt forward. Now slowly lower yourself, but try elbows dissolve in the parties. Do not pause, immediately return to the starting position.
Not less effective and will bench press. However, it should be noted that this exercise easier to perform in the gym (at home is also possible, but you will be much more difficult). You must first lie on the floor, hands need to take dumbbells. The arms themselves are better placed on the chest level. Raise the dumbbells straight up, chest muscles straining. Lower your hands slowly, in any case slowly. Do not break again repeat the exercise. The optimal number of repetitions for one approach is 8-10 times for beginners will be enough and 5-8). But don't forget about the fact that with a lower number of repetitions should be increased weight raise the dumbbells (the only way to provide the necessary physical activity). Conversely, if doing exercise many times, reduce weight. One workout you need to perform three or four passes, not less.
To increase chest muscle it is useful to do push-UPS on the floor. To maintain your muscle tone, perform 15-20 repetitions for each approach. The truth is not overworked: the specified number of iterations provided only for people in good physical shape. Beginners will be enough 5-10 times. The load gradually increase, just add each session of 5 repetitions to the total number.