You will need
  • - small round pebble;
  • - jump rope;
  • platform of 10-15 cm;
  • - a bottle or dumbbell;
  • - buttons.
Summer often go barefoot. Best exercise for ankle - running on sand or fine gravel. To perform this exercise and in the cold season, buy a large enough litter box. The upper bracket can be discarded and the tray put small rounded river pebbles. Put the tray in front of the bathroom sink, and twice a day during morning and evening toilet, paramenides on this pebbles with bare feet.
Go to the external and internal side of the foot daily. Make way to the kitchen on the outside, and the reverse way on the inside. Discard the Slippers. If your home is too cold floors, walk in socks.
Follow the circular movements of the feet. Sit on a chair or sofa. Pull the legs and lift them off the floor. Keeping the feet on the weight, rotate the foot inward and then outward. Perform 15-20 spins in each direction. If you feel a slight burning sensation in the joints, so you got a sufficient load.
Socks feet stand on a small platform so that your heels hanging. Rise on the toes as high as possible, then slowly lower yourself down. To increase load you can pick up dumbbells or put on the shoulders of the bar. But working with weights is only possible when completely healthy ankle joint.
Jump the rope. Jumping rope are ideal exercises for strengthening the ankle and hands. To fully load the ankles, jump without bending my knees only at the expense of the ankle joints.
Another great exercise, aimed not only at training of the ankle, but also to the prevention of flatfoot in General. Sprinkle on the floor of small objects such as buttons and collect their toes. Fold in a Cup or box. Do it from a standing position. You will additionally improve your sense of balance.
During sedentary work roll bare foot under the table a bottle or a dumbbell. In order not to create excessive noise, place a shell under the soft cloth.