Decide whether you need the right crystal or it may be some deviations from the correct form (sometimes the second is even more beautiful). In the first case, the water should be distilled and salt - not iodized. In the second case, use water from the tap and any table salt.
Boil about half a liter of water. While it boils, being careful not to Ambaritsa steam begin to pour salt in it. For this you can use, for example, a V-shaped cut sheet metal with his hands in the side of the vessel. Continue to pour it until then, until the solution become supersaturated (in the vessel will begin to form small crystalIKI salt).
Soak in saturated solution of salt a piece of cardboard. Then dry it and it will be covered with a small crystalof the ICA.
One of the largest crystals separate and hang on a string.
Pour the supersaturated solution into a clean vessel so that it does not have got a little crystalICA from the walls of the vessel in which were boiling. Let it cool, then introduce into the solution a small crystalIR on the thread. Hitting the bottom, he should not.
Leave the vessel in a place where it will not move. Small crystalIR will gradually increase in size. When it reaches your desired size, remove it, then dry it thoroughly and place it in a transparent box.
If desired, fabricate a device to illuminate the crystaland LEDs. What it will be, depends on your imagination. To highlight you as one large crystaland several smaller ones. In the latter case, one can make a arrangement made up not only of the crystals, but also from other items. Don't forget to add the background and close the glass composition, as from the touch of crystalyou spoil.