The easiest and fastest way to really go into space — to the status of a space tourist. Pay for a "ticket" of $ 20 million. Pass a medical examination and a special pre-flight training. Enjoy the flight.
If you don't have $ 20 million to become an astronaut, have a lot to learn. The astronauts are divided into 3 main categories: test cosmonaut, astronaut-engineer and cosmonaut-researcher. Decide which category you wish to belong to and go!
The cosmonaut is the commander and the pilot of a spaceship. Takeoff, landing, flight itself, oversee the work of systems and crew — all this is the task of test-cosmonaut. Set the test-cosmonauts made from among military pilots. If you are interested in this role, we proceed to study in higher educational institution, which trains pilots for the air force. In the process of learning narbutaite a large number of departures. Your record must be spotless. Try to develop yourself as a leader. After graduation, submit an application with a request to accept you into the team of cosmonauts. Attach the characteristics of a military unit. You must have great eyesight, perfect health and no bad habits. The best of the best into the squad.
Cosmonaut-engineer engaged in the maintenance of technical systems of the spacecraft. He performs, if necessary, repair work during the flight. If you are attractive this role, go to any UNIVERSITY and get higher education in engineering. Practise in the specialty for at least 3 years and apply for membership in the cosmonaut corps. All such professionals goes in the squad traditionally from MAI and MGTU named after Bauman.
Cosmonaut-researcher engaged in the work, wearing a medical-biological nature. He is also the physician who, if necessary, provide crew members medical care. One of its tasks is to conduct various experiments on living organisms in microgravity. If the attractive role of a cosmonaut-researcher, obtain higher medical or biological education. In addition to email personally a couple of scientific papers. Very well, if you have on hands defended his PhD thesis.
If you are applying for a role as a test cosmonaut or astronaut-engineer, apply at Rocket-space Corporation "Energy". If you do decide to become a cosmonaut-researcher, to apply to the Institute of biomedical problems.