You will need
  • knowledge of the target audience
  • advertising
  • competent sales professionals
Create in your company sales Department. Take for a start two people, educate them. In the future, depending on the workload, you will need a few more people in the Department. Remember that jobs should pay off.
Next we need to find channels through which your firm will promote your services:
Mediation is a real estate Agency and realtors;
Sales with other companies (the same real estate agencies, banks, insurance companies, etc.);
- The Internet – work on forums, blogs, social networks, creating your own website;
- Direct sales;
To assert themselves – that's the main way to attract clients to your firm. For a start analyze your target audience who are most in need of your services. Law firm can work with several areas: family matters, financial, mortgage, etc.
Find out what are your potential clients what you read, what you watch television, what is their age. All this will help to determine what form of advertising is best suited for a particular group.
The main methods of advertising:
- Outdoor advertising (banners, signs, pillars, etc.);
- Placement of information in mass media (advertising articles, short notes);
- Distribution of leaflets;
- Telephone sales (cold calls);
- Sending e-mails;
- Exhibitions, forums, seminars;
- "Word of mouth".