Typically, the law firm opened several lawyers with extensive experience in several areas of law. It so happens that his small law firm lawyers open a whole Department of a large law firm, if they want to leave in "free swimming". In this case customers are clients of those law firms (or firms), from which they left. Often, the customer is more inclined to trust a particular lawyer than the entire firm, and wants that lawyer to continue handling his Affairs. This case is very convenient for those who are going to open a law firm: if you have clients ready to go for you, the income is guaranteed to you.
However, to take clients from larger firms may not be so easy, moreover, someone do not want to go into it for reasons of ethics. In such cases, to search clients should use a professional when. Surely someone you know is in need of legal services, or they have friends who need them.
To attract clients the new lawyers law firms attend professional conferences and other events. The meaning of such events not only in the exchange of experiences and finding the familiar in their field, but in mentioning these conferences. Thus, you earn yourself a name that you know.
To attract customers can be used and conventional advertising. You can often see posters, advertisements of law firms. It is often the case for firms providing such specialized and common services registration of legal bodies, however, any firm can choose to advertise. To benefit, it is important to place it where you can meet your potential customers. For example, leaflets law firm established by lawyers who spetsializiruyutsya on litigation in the employment sphere, it is possible to give the courts, the labour Inspectorate. Services handing out leaflets are usually inexpensive: about 300 rubles per hour. Promote yourself using a website is to make it convenient and easily accessible with search, and with ads on the websites of professional communities.