The first step in the sale of services is the customer search. In accordance with the scope of your services, identify your target group. This can be done with the help of free statistics, and with the help of simple questionnaires the existing customer base. Spend Issledovanie and identify how social customer groups your services are most needed.
After you have identified your target audience, start advertising campaign. Use advertising methods that are adequate for your target group and try to do it in accordance with the needs of your target group, for example, if your social group is looking for cheap services, we focus on the price, and if the quality – the exclusivity of the proposed services.
Remember that the desires of the client are created in his head, not in your price list. This means that your services need to be flexible and to increase in accordance with the wishes of the client. Service rendered in accordance with the wishes of the client contributes to the good reputation of your company like nothing else.
Offer packages of services at a reduced cost, make a better purchase several services at once, not one at a time. Use club cards and discount cards in order to win the loyalty of the customer and remember that the more professional the service will be provided, the more good recommendations you give the client to your cabin.