Before opening a law firm should think about potential clients. Clients you need immediately, otherwise the whole start-up capital can quickly "leak" on maintenance of office, wages of staff, which is almost not busy, is. As a rule, a law firm lawyers open with a large enough experience. Accordingly, they remain connected to their former clients, they have a certain status which will help to attract new customers. If such linkages are few, or if the status yet, it is possible that with the opening of the company do not rush.
Clients often turn to various lawyers for recommendations of contractors. It is therefore essential, first, to have those who are able to advise you, and secondly, to work on the first projects more efficiently.
In Moscow a huge number of different law firms. There are those who deal only with registration and liquidation of legal entities, there are firms specializing in handling criminal cases in the courts, there are firms in business support. Before to recruit a team of lawyers, it is important to define the scope of your future company. It makes little sense to take everything, better to have a specific specialization, take a niche in which only a few firms. The choice of a niche may depend on the situation on the legal services market, and what experts you will be able to attract, and, of course, from your own desires and experience.
In the promotion of the law firm not to mention advertising campaign. A law firm need a solid website, links to which will be given to legal and business forums. Well, if he is in the tops of the search engines. Legal services can be advertised in front of business centers and courthouses - for example, through distribution of leaflets.
Great role for a law firm, playing the role of her office. The office of a big law firm needs to be in the center of Moscow or close to it. On the outskirts, and especially for Moscow, the customer is unlikely to leave and this is important because customers often hold meetings with the lawyers in the office of the latter. In addition, the legal business is quite conservative and your office will judge your success.