Meet with the client. Sign him to trust me. Tell us about the insurance company, her history, her education and years of work. While talking confidently and convincingly.
Identify the customer need. Use open questions: ask whether the client has children, he would like to protect your child's life (to insure it against accidents) in the future. After all, any insurance product is the guarantee against unexpected situations.
What are the benefits of the insurance product you want to sell. For example, if the customer wants to insure the apartment, describe all insurance risks that can happen (fire, flood, natural disasters, damage of property of third parties, falling aircraft). Please note the customer for payment in case of realization of the insured event. Thus, in any case do not say: "Imagine if your apartment burns down, then you will get this compensation." In this case it is better to say: "In case of realization of the insured event, the insured customer will be able to get the payment that helps him to return to their homes in the original state."
Here is the comparison. Describe all the positive aspects your insurance company compared to other. Show the customer contract which is signed between the insurance company and the client. Be completely open to the client. Tell us about the exceptions that will not be paid, as they will not be insured.
Let's make a deal. Tell the client how many will resist such an insurance product and for how long you can buy it. Ask the client to sign the contract. It does not push on the client. Just ask him how he feels about this insurance service and would not wish it to protect themselves or their property for a certain period of time.