Check personal guard, which are you going to fire. It must contain a copy of the job description signed by the employee. The fact of compulsory familiarization with the instruction can be specified separately in the framework of the concluded labor contract. Failure to comply with a security guard at least one point you can fire him for dereliction of duties.
To be eligible to fire a security guard due to age limitations, pre-specify it in the contract when applying for a job.
If the guard expired license for security activity (depending on the category of the license expiration date can be assigned from 1 to 5 years), make him pass the re-examination in the qualifying Commission at the Department. In the event of his refusal to undergo re-examination, you can be fired for failing her position. If the guard you are going to dismiss does not have a license (which was not contrary to an employment contract), to dismiss you will be able only in case if it is not passed a medical examination and/or re-certification (initiated and paid for by the employer). Recertification for security guards licensed, are only allowed if it is stipulated in the employment contract and is caused by specifics of activity of the company.
Inspect job security, taking control log acceptance of the change. Check the records for the last month. If during the month the log was recorded inconsistencies of the work schedule of the employee, the sheet of accounting of working time, you should ask the security guard a letter of explanation for periods of substitution of its other employees. In the absence of the guard a good reason for absence from the workplace, make the act of absenteeism and dismiss it under the relevant article. This method (a monthly magazine on acceptance of change) is very effective, as the guards often substitute for each other in the workplace without notify the user.
Dismiss the employee for repeated disciplinary sanctions (e.g., for repeatedly being late for work), especially if in the last month they were reflected in the log. If such delays a few, declare the employee a reprimand. In case of delay change does not stop, fire him for the systematic violation of labor discipline. Before this Commission (employees of the personnel Department, the other security guardand other witnesses) must be drawn from the act of delay, the officer drafted an explanatory note. If it does not contain a valid reason, such act would constitute a legitimate reason for dismissal.
If you (or another person) caught the guard in the workplace in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, call the doctor and guide a medical examination. In case of refusal of the employee from the procedure, draw up an act in the presence of 2 witnesses, which specify the external signs of intoxication. Such an act would already be considered a valid reason for dismissal for violation of labor discipline, and also at the mismatch position.
Fire guard also available for the disclosure of confidential information of the company, in the case of a proven fact of combining the posts of security guard to other positions in other organizations.