You will need
  • - documents of the organization;
  • - labor legislation;
  • - documents of the lawyer;
  • - forms personnel-related documents;
  • - accounting documents.
If you decide to terminate the employment relationship with a lawyer, ask him to write his resignation. This is the most time-consuming way. But it takes the consent of the employee. Try to persuade the employee to such a procedure. If he writes a letter of resignation, check the correctness of the document. The termination date will be his last working day.
Issue an order of dismissal, record in the work book, referring to article 77 of the LC RF. Give her lawyer dismissed due to him, together with the cash payments.
If the lawyer of the enterprise does not agree to write the application at own will and threatens you with court, you can dismiss him for absenteeism (if such occurred). Make the act of delay or absence on the working place, assure him the signatures of at least three witnesses.
If after writing explanatory lawyer didn't show good cause, then start the procedure for dismissal. To start it a month later after committing truancy. Issue an order on termination of the employment contract under article of the labour code, which regulated grounds for dismissal for absenteeism.
Upon termination of the employment relationship in this situation, you will be able to recover a fine for breach of discipline. Make the employment records of the negligent lawyer, reassure her signature of the responsible person, the seal of the personnel Department. Familiarize the employee with a record of dismissal under the bill.
If a lawyer cannot be fired for absenteeism or other misconduct (as occurs absenteeism or tardiness), but his qualifications are inadequate, then you may spend on the enterprise evaluation. Upcoming event alert all employees for the two months prior to the event.
The certification is a laborious process, but its results (if they fail) you have the right to terminate an employment contract with a lawyer. Fill in the work book of a specialist recording, referring to labour legislation.