Pull the back in the standing position will help bending forward. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Start to lean forward. Ensure that the back remains smooth, and the lower back does not bend. Reach hands to the floor and stay in this position for a few minutes. Slowly straighten up. From the same starting position, perform tilts to the side. Right hand belt left hand is raised up. Lean to the right, reach over with your left hand, do not bend it. Slowly return to starting position. Similarly, follow the slope to the left.Very effective for relaxing the corners of the housing. Clasp your hands at chest level and slowly turn alternately left and right.
Sometimes it is easier to perform turning or twisting from a sitting position. In this case, you will be able to stay at the end of the turn, helping himself with his hands. Don't overdo it. Do the exercises as long as you feel comfortable.Bending from the sitting position performed by the same principle, and from a standing position. Do them with a straight back. Do not have to bend over deeply, or try to keep your knees straight. Performing exercises regularly, you will become more flexible, and will make it easier.
The following exercises performed in the supine position. Pull one knee to your chest. Grasp the leg under the knee and hold this position for a few minutes. Change the leg. Then tighten to her legs. If you are doing exercises on a solid surface (e.g. the floor), try to roll with the lower part of the back on the top is a wonderful massage for the back.Twisting from supine position as follows: bend one leg at the knee, get a knee over the other leg, try to reach them to the floor. Repeating the exercise with two legs, bend both legs and place the knees first right, then left.
If you have problems with your back and hurt you physical exercise, try to regularly visit the pool (if there is no relevant contraindications). A great swimming strengthens the muscles of the back and at the same time reduces the load on the spine.