Sometimes a long position in an awkward posture, hypothermia, incorrect carrying of heavy weights leads to the fact that the back "a catch" to the complete immobilization of a person. Hardly get to bed, all doubled up in pain, a sufferer sees the only solution in the intake of pharmaceutical drugs and the observance of the peace.

But there are much more efficient and, most importantly, totally free for extra help. This, oddly enough, movement.

It sounds paradoxical, but nevertheless it is so! After all, what caused the back pain? As a rule, the swelling of the muscle tissue. And that can reduce swelling? Restoration of blood circulation in the muscles. And than you can increase blood circulation? Of course, movement.

Modern medicine will offer you a whole range of shots-blockades, tablets, ointments, courses therapy. First, these tools can help, but for the time being. Because you are treating the consequence but not the cause, because the cause of the violation of the blood supply to the muscles, is to set into.

So, he felt a strong pain in the back, not rested on alone, it will not help, but hurt, go for it!

Turn over in bed on your stomach, breathe out strongly, saying or even shouting sound "XX" and at the same time gently slide to the floor. If the pain has caught you in a standing position, with the sound of "XX" will also go down on all fours. Such "sonorous" exhalation causes relaxation of the muscles, and therefore relieve.

Start to move slowly on all fours around the room, trying to stretch step knee-hand as far as possible. After 10-20 minutes the pain will gradually subside. To avoid boleznennostew the knee, wrap them towels.

To improve the microcirculation of the blood in the swelling, use a cold compress. Yes, it is cold and icy! On exposure to cold the body will respond to a powerful release of heat and will help to eliminate the stagnation that caused the pain.

In the winter use the snow, wrapped him in plastic and a towel, and in summer - frozen food from the freezer: vegetables, meat, etc. for acute back pain after moving on all fours you need to lie on your back, bend your knees (feet on floor).

Lie on a firm surface on your back, under the waist - a cold compress and holding his hands behind his head in the temples, on the exhale, "XX-AA" try to tear off shoulder blades off the floor and elbows touch the knees. These movements can cause severe pain in the beginning. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe, sore muscles react to the reduction.

Gradually the pain will decrease and you will be able to increase range of motion, start to pull your knees to your head. Exercises walking on all fours" and "flexion-extension" chant during the day and every 4 hours for 15 minutes.

The next day, but you can immediately, in addition to the previous exercise, do exercise vis on the bar". Just hold on for some time and very carefully not making any sudden movements, not jumping, get down on the floor. If no horizontal bar, use the top edge of the door.

After your condition has normalized and the pain was gone (mind you, without chemistry and therapy), the rule is to gradually strengthen the back muscles and the press.

No need to stick to the conventional wisdom is that if back pain you need to sleep on a hard surface. No, this will only increase swelling. Sleep on a firm, but not podavlivaya deep surface. And best of all, use a pillow top mattress.