Remember that the effect of such short-term sleep will not last long – reserve of energy will be enough for three or four hours. Next, you should repeat the session a short sleep. But forever it will not work – will have to stop and restful sleep.
Ensure access of fresh air into the room: only if sufficient oxygen short sleep will be useful. Go to sleep, opening the window.
Select the best sleeping position. Sleep in a sitting position or in bad condition will not help. You need to lie down and completely relax every muscle. Pose choose at their own discretion – the main thing that the hands and feet comfortable.
For sleeping, even very short, important the right accessories. Even if they know they have to get up very quickly, lie down on a comfortable bed, take your favorite pillow and blanket. Clothing also should not create discomfort.
Go to bed 15 minutes is still not after meals. Better that people at that time were almost hungry. Perhaps a glass of milk with honey will help you sleep very quickly. However, some "practice" a short sleep before falling asleep suggest to drink a Cup of coffee. Exactly after 15 minutes, refreshing drink to kick in, and you Wake up easily, with extra cheerfulness.
If you have the opportunity to visit the shower before sleep, then do it. Only water needs to be warm and comfortable, otherwise sleep would be difficult. Another option – soothing bath with aromatic sea salt or essential oils. However, it is unlikely that people who took sleep only 15 minutes, you will find half an hour relaxing in the bath.
Don't sleep near the TV. A fifteen minute dream "buzzing" the room will only aggravate the condition, adding to fatigue and even headache. Should sleep in perfect silence.
Try at least once (and preferably two) per week to pamper yourself a full eight hours of sleep in a quiet and ventilated room. Only if regular "otsypana" be a good judge of short NAPs.