Try method a questionnaire Internet Dating. Can how to use specialized resources and of world social network.
Tie acquaintance with the interesting person. Verify reciprocity.
Visit your friend while on a trip on vacation. There is a chance to stay there permanently as his wife.
Or you'll end up in the same area with a potentially desirable object for you. As locations for future Dating are fine institutions that educate students from different countries. Do there or become guests in their Dorm.
Meet the candidates for the role of your husband. Or one of them, but the most worthy.
Give the man gently to understand your interest in it. And let further the initiative to come from him.
Be sure to read the Islam and the laws of the country where you plan to marry.
Prepare the documentary basis for living together with a foreigner-a Muslim.
Be humble when meeting with his parents and friends. Muslims give the opinion of their friends and relatives a lot of attention.
Let him to feel his importance and leadership. Don't be afraid to boss you around no one will.
If for some outside reason your marriage with this person did not work, but you could maintain the respect to each other, do not be discouraged. Most Muslim men looking for a wife through the advice and experience of friends and relatives. So maybe your soul mate just busy finding a meeting.