To remove sweat stains from silk (any color), it is necessary to use the hyposulphite (it is sold in Department photo) or ordinary table salt. Take a glass of water and dissolve in it one tablespoon of salt, if you use the hyposulphite – in a glass of water one teaspoonful of hyposulphite. When the stain disappears, rinse the thing in warm water. In this solution you can also keep your underwear and dresses.
If sweat stains left on a light woolen stuff, you can help the following recipe: prepare a soapy solution, take a soft, gentle brush and slightly RUB the stain. Now, rinse the thing to wash all of the soap solution. You can also take oxalic acid (one teaspoon per Cup of water) and moisten in the resulting solution the stain, then it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the thing in warm water.
For colored woolen products, you need a different tool. Prepare a mixture of ammonia and white spirit in the ratio 2:4. Treat stains and wait a while, and then rinse the product two or three times. But if the sweat stains already not fresh, use a different tool. To prepare the mixture you will need: gasoline (acetone), denatured and ammonia in the ratio 3:4:2. Then rinse thing.
To remove sweat stains from cotton and linen fabrics, prepare a cleaning mixture of salt and ammonia. Take one teaspoon of each ingredient and dissolve in one glass of water. After the stain disappears, the product must be well rinsed in warm water.
If sweat stains left on the white silk lining products, buy in drugstore hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with water (1:10). This is a very effective way to remove stains of sweat. But if the lining fabric color, you will need a mixture of ammonia and denatured alcohol (1:1). Apply the mixture directly on the stain, and then rinse the thing in warm water.
To reduce sweating, use a good antiperspirants. They efficiently reduce sweating, while deodorants just removes unpleasant smell.