In the dial box numbers , please, dial: 112 and the phone number to which you transfer funds in a standard format. Enter the amount, press the pound key and the call button. For example, *112*9162134675*25# and call. After a short time you will receive a code confirming the transaction. To complete action enter the numbers:*112*1234# and call. The operator will tell you that the request has been accepted.
Also, MTS offers its customers to replenish accounts of friends, relatives on a regular basis. You pay a one-time amount for that Deposit in a list of numbers for regular replenishment. The actions are the same as for single replenishment, but instead, dial 112 and 114 after entering the number using the asterisk secure payment frequency. 1 indicates every day,2 - weekly, 3-once a month. If you change your mind and no longer want to share the funds, give up a regular transfer: enter through the standard sprocket 114, a predetermined number, the bars and the challenge. Your request is being processed within five minutes.
In emergency cases when your account has a zero balance, use the service "help me out", which is connected to your package absolutely free. Format: 0880, a friend's number, the call button. Your colleagues over a network is also unable to seek help, the query is called "replenish my account": *116 * the number grid, the amount please call.
The classic translation and funding is offered for any of the tariff plans, except for plan "Super Zero". Please note that MTS set a minimum transfer amount of one ruble, and the maximum limit of three hundred rubles at a time, fifteen hundred a day. According to the rules of MTS to the recipient of the largest amount per day or three thousand.
Monitor your account balance, it must be not less than ninety rubles. Note that for each transfer from your account will be charged seven rubles for the service. Detailed information can be found on the official website of the operator -