To transfer funds in a foreign account "MTS" provides the USSD-*112*subscriber's number*amount#. The amount available for transfer is from one to three hundred ruble. For the use of services the customer will pay 7 rubles.
In addition, subscribers of this company are offered the option of another service, it is called "Direct transmission". First, you can set one-time transfer (i.e. to send a request for replenishment as necessary, for each of your account will be debited 7 rubles). And secondly, you can set up a regular funds transfer to another account. To use the "Direct transfer" of the first type, type on the keyboard of your mobile phone *111* number of telephone subscriber in any format* amount(1 to 300)#. If you need to connect the constant replenishment of the account, send USSD-request *111* number of telephone subscriber in any format* frequency of payments: 1 — daily, 2 — weekly, 3 — monthly* amount#.
Communication operator "Beeline", as already mentioned, also provides mobile translation. To send money from their phone , the subscriber must dial USSD-request *145* number of telephone of the calling party recipient* transfer amount# and then press the call button. The recipient's number, by the way, be sure to type in the ten digit format (omitting eight), otherwise the operation can be performed with error, or may not pass. The cost of this service is 5 rubles.
The users of the network "Megaphone" sending a request is available at any time, call *133* amount* number#. The amounts in the amount of 10-150 rubles. In addition to the transfer amount, your account will be charged 5 rubles for sending.