In order to transfer money from one account to another, start typing your mobile phone a combination of: *112*911ХХХХХХХ*sum (from 1 to 300 rubles)# and press the call button. Where 911ХХХХХХХ is the number of the subscriber you wish to transfer money to the account. For example, *112*89113333333*50# and press the call button.
Then your number will receive a confirmation message of the transfer. Translations need to confirm within 5 minutes, otherwise the money will not be transferred. If you make a mistake or change your mind to do the translation, do not confirm the operation, and it will be automatically cancelled after 5 minutes.
In case of successful transaction on the account of the person whom you transferred the money on the phone, do an informational message on the replenishment of his account indicating the amount and your phone number.
It is impossible to transfer money from MTS numbers of other mobile operators, as well as rooms which was in another region.
The service "Mobile transfer" service is available only to customers with positive balance. In addition, after you transfer your account must remain not less than 50 rubles.
This service does not require activation.
For using the service "Mobile transfer" fee is not charged.