You will need
  • - fabric (main, lining),
  • - hangers,
  • - line
  • - a set of patterns,
  • pencil (chalk, thin, dry piece of soap),
  • - scissors,
  • - interlining,
  • - prokleen,
  • - tracing paper, - safety pins,
  • - cm tape,
  • - sewing machine,
  • - threads,
  • needle,
  • - buttons,
  • thimble.
To start with the estimated model. Refer to the various directories, magazines, review websites. Also, decide the fabric and color of the future product.
Purchase fabric in the amount of slightly more than planned. Please note the location of the common thread, the flowability of the edge of the fabric (if the fabric is very fray, will have to make more stock, because quite a large amount of fabric will go on the seam and the edge. Also immediately buy the same yardage of lining fabric.
Choose from the perfect color of fabric thread buttons, proclain and interlining. Stock up on needles for hand work and sewing.
Decide on the size. For jacketand, depending on the complexity of the model, it is necessary to measure circumference of neck, length of shoulders, the sleeve length, wrist circumference, arm circumference, length of back, waist (not always needed), thigh girth, chest girth, length of the product.
Start creating patterns. Here, you can either use ready models of the special magazines that you can just adjust the fit, or ask for help to a professional cutter, or using special literature, to draw a pattern by yourself at your own risk. Cut sleeves, front shelves (right and left), the back, the details of the collar, pockets and lapels (if you plan to patch).
Cutting the fabric in accordance with a given pattern, add to each cut 1-5 cm on the sheath depending on the type of fabric and whether the edges overlaminates or just filed. Remember that same cut and fabric lining.
Sew the product according to the following plan: sew the shelves to the back at the shoulders, sew sleeves in designated armhole. One seam, connect the two halves of the resulting product from the end of the sleeve to the edge of the jacket. If there are internal pockets, treat sinus for them. Stitch the same of lining fabric. Stitch between the seams inside the item of fabric and lining detail (don't forget between them to insert proclain). Sew the collar. The edges of the sleeves, cut slits for the buttons. Treat the bottom of the product. Sew buttons. In operation, the fabric should always be Ocarina.