By the standards of arrow available, unfortunately, only expensive guns. A professional is capable of measuring the required parameters with the virtuosity of a good tailor when ordering a suit. But the middle arrow must be content with the massive weapon. For most, it is quite good. But some feel very uncomfortable, say, when used incorrectly customized butt of the weapon. For the shooter who seeks to go beyond the average level, the fit of the butt is becoming an acute necessity.
The fit of the gun to that specific person can take a lot of time. This also applies to the adjustment of the size of the butt. The correct fit of the stock allows to achieve the comfortable discounted weapons and good neoprene. Self-adjustment cannot eliminate the errors, therefore it is better to entrust this business experienced specialist.
There are following main components of the stock: length, drainage, camber, pitch. The changes in each of these parameters can have a strong impact on the results of the shooting.
Length of the butt is determined by the distance from the trigger to middle of butt pad. Very long butt makes the gun difficult to manage. The best way to determine the desired length of the butt – discounted trial, during which you can uniformly throw up a gun to shoulder. Short butt requires special gaskets that long to be clipped. The shortening of a rifle requires skill and confidence that such operation is necessary. Leave it to a professional.
Killed determines how you will see the crosshairs, if you attach the head to the butt. Usually the rib is parallel to the line of sight. Died of the butt measured at the highest point of the ridge and the heel of the butt.
The third dimension of the stock, subject to adjustment – removal. It defines how the recoil pad of the stock and its comb is displaced in a direction relative to the rear sight. The side arm, typically measured in the heel and toe of the butt. American swordsmith do butts without withdrawal, but with a significant amount of camber. This is done for ease of aiming with both hands.
Pitch – the angle of the butt pad to the sighting bar. Too small pitch causes the slipping of the gun from the shoulder down. It is believed that this characteristic of the stock determines the height of the battle rifle and uniform distribution of the efforts of the impact height.
Traditional butt American type for mass production has a length of about 37 cm, without side-wall, with the camber in the range of 37 mm in the anterior part of the crest and 63 mm in the heel area. These dimensions are common for hunting and a round stand.
Modern rifle case is characterized by the introduction of the butts that can be adjusted by some parameters. This gives potential the ability to more precisely fit under the stock body sizes and especially shooter. The main rule when debugging butt – not introduce additional changes in the butt until I can verify what result we have already amended.
Individual adjustment of the arms is particularly important in sports shooting where the outcome is often determined by the margin of one target. Serious hand by the matching butt get great slides when fired with various charges.