How to decorate a collar: the nuances of

The decoration of the collar or the blouse should start with material selection. In this case, we have to start from the fabric base. For example, in the cotton shirt the collar looks nice and is perfect for holding virtually any decor. To attach beads, beads, zippers, buttons and other components can safely use the normal thread, transparent glue line.

Another thing, if you want to decorate the collar of the blouse of a thin fabric. In this case, refrain from heavy and overly large items are: they can strongly deform the material. To attach the ornaments better with the help of nylon thread and a very fine needle (the fabric is not "crawled"). Also suitable glue (for example, lace or tissue elements): it has no smell, and when dried is almost invisible. The best ways to decorate collar slim blouses are embroidered, decorated with lace or beads.

Popular ways to decorate collar

Embellished shirt collars is a real hit the last few seasons. Girls around the world are actively manifest their imagination and abilities, decorating and new, and already well-worn products with various materials. Some ways to decorate the collar of the shirt or blouse have become traditional.

For example, the classic chemise will become an entirely different sound if the collar is to decorate with beautiful beads. Variants of using a lot of material. Beads can be neatly and tightly to sew across the surface of the collar or place in asymmetrically-chaotic manner. Everyone is encouraged to use elements of different diameter: finish get a three-dimensional and stylish. In this case it is better to cover the doors completely, but only in the front.

An interesting alternative to beads serve different rivets. Triangular, square, conical, and other items will add a "metal chic". Shirt with such a collar will not fit classic costume, but would look great in tandem with skinny jeans and suspenders or leather pants. Softer product will work if to finish to use sequins or rhinestones. In this case, the blouse/shirt will be a wonderful solution for a glamorous evening look.

To turn a plain shirt or blouse in a romantic product will help the embellished collar lace. To finish and fit thin lace, cotton and embroidered decorations. First it is best to pick up the tone of things, the second can be contrasted. Please note: cotton lace will look most effective around the edge of the collar (or even underneath) and sew them need a nylon thread to match. For joining thin lace craftswomen use a special translucent tape (which sticks when heated) and even PVA glue.

Very popular today are and unusual materials for decoration of collars. For example, many girls prefer not to spend money on beads or rhinestones, and use the "store" part. These are a variety of buttons, pieces of chains, and even lightning. Last turn the collar in a very unusual and stylish piece.