You will need
  • Scissors, appliqué or patch, satin ribbon, thread and hook, felt, beads, glass beads, finished brooch
Zadekorirovat collar cardigans with beads and sequins.Dense beading or beads, rhinestones or sequins are good, if you feel the measure: it is necessary to select materials that are appropriate in color, the embroidery needs to be relevant and not become a giant glowing spot. Large Orchid flower will look at the V neck sweatshirts, if you're not going to decorate the whole gate around the perimeter. In order to understand whether the color, use the color tables. The embroidery patterns you can download online or find in a magazine.
Try embroidery with ribbons.Looks very elegant embroidery with ribbons. This option is suitable for decorating hard-working artists, but it gives almost limitless possibilities, as ribbons, you can draw roses, forget-me-nots, violets, irises... Remember that this jacket does not need any additional embellishment: beads or brooches. Your drawing will look quite self-sufficient.
Tab ready-made appliques, or make it yourself out of felt.Felt is an excellent material for those who have never sewed. It is unpretentious, does not need to overcast the edges to work with him is very easy. You can cut the contours of the flowers with scissors and sew them on the collar shirt previously adorned with beads or sequins. Felt can be cut any figure, or even the whole picture: snow-covered houses, trees, the moon... do Not limit your imagination, create! Of course, a picture is obtained in a somewhat naive style, which is perfect not every. In any case, so you can decorate your child's clothes and even bring him to the very process of making applications and stripes.
Use ready accessories.Scarves, brooches and necklaces will never go out of fashion. They can completely change the look of your seemingly outdated sweatshirts. Try to come up with unusual combinations of textures, fabrics, colors, materials. The rule is to think of your image in advance. It is important that it was the highlight where he actually grows up: retro necklace, a shawl with a European flea market, a pin with a story from my grandmother's box.