Bars represent two parallel horizontal tubes that are attached to the four horizontal racks. They are intended primarily for strengthening chest muscles and triceps.

The basic exercises

Technique basic exercises on the parallel bars is relatively simple. Starting position - between the bars on the straightened hands. Palms face inward. On the inhale slowly bend your arms at the elbows, sinking down. But don't go too low. There is a risk of damage to the shoulder joints. After gradually climb up. In the moment of greatest tension exhale. It is important to remember that, as with pull-UPS or pushups to work for correctness and quality, not quantity. You can do 10 times and never get a proper result.

If you want to make the most load on the muscles of the breast, then it is only necessary to slightly tilt the body forward, place the elbows in different directions and bend your knees. No need to breed elbow joints wider than 45 degrees. For more effect is to do on the wide bars.

To increase the load of the biceps, the hands should be touching the body. For this, you can perform the exercise on the narrow bars. The slope of the body should be minimal and the legs straightened.

In any case, you need to deal slowly, fully bend and straighten your arms. The number of approaches each chooses individually, but it is advisable to carry out to complete failure. If a regular exercises you is not enough, then think about the additional load. But remember that Breasts need to hang weight in the front, but for biceps in the back.

Exercises for advanced

After performing the basic exercises you can do partial push-UPS. For this you need to go down not until the end. Moreover, it is desirable to use those muscle groups that are under-tired. Go down to half way, then come back.

There are also the forced push-UPS. For this you will need the help of a friend or coach. When you reach its peak ask him to help you to do a few more reps.

To perform a so-called negative push-UPS, you need to use additional weight. To start is to calculate the weight to perform 5 reps. Take original position. Go down slowly as there is a risk of damage to the joints. Again, do not try to do the exercises independently.