To start is to decide where the origins of distrust of your beloved. When the first time you felt a sense of jealousy? What is the reason? Perhaps you have often been deceived throughout your life and now you doubt all and in all. Or you lack confidence. However, it sometimes happens that the jealousy of the past is groundless. Just decide to start.
Silly to be jealous if your loved one is communicating with the partner with whom he had been married and who have children in common. These people actually can raise questions related to training, education, maintenance of a son or daughter. Be jealous of these meetings does not make sense. Especially since you can always attend these meetings. Have loving people there can not be secrets, and your significant other are unlikely to refuse you. Besides, work together to solve issues and problems is always easier.
If your loved one still communicates with his former partner, with whom he is not bound by the marriage bond, there is reason to think. Whether past relationships come to an end? After all, if people disagree, it means that they are not interested together, went past love and passion. So what causes them to seek a meeting again and again? Most likely, one or the other side have feelings that do not allow to fully end the former relationship. And who knows where those meetings will lead. Chances are that you will be the odd man out. If this situation arose in your relationship - you need to immediately resolve this issue. Pull not worth it, it will be even harder. Ask a loved one to tell you what still connects him with his former partner why they are Dating. Explain that you dislike this communication that you are worried about existing relationships. If people agree with your arguments and stop any contact with the former, it's okay, he really likes you. But if instead he starts to cheat, to play up, but any ways back to the past, he probably isn't ready for a new relationship. What to do in this case, only you can decide. You can close your eyes to what is happening and pretend everything is fine. Or terminate the relationship and start looking for someone who will appreciate and respect you.
Should not be jealous of the past, if the past is manifested only in the calls of congratulations on a birthday or New Year. This is common courtesy and nothing wrong with that. Better engage in the development of their relationship. Customize Dating, communicate more, learn new things together. Travel, love each other, make babies. Improve your Union. Then you expect a happy future, and to the dusty past.