You will need
  • computer;
  • software;
  • - administrator rights.
Use to check the "program compatibility Wizard". To open the "Master", you need to go through several steps. Click "start". Select "control Panel". In the opened window, click the left mouse button on the option "Programs". You will see a window with new tabs. Go to the tab "Programs and features" and select the task "use an older program with this version of Windows". "Program compatibility wizard" is running. Now follow the prompts carefully reading each. In the first window after reading click "Next".
Before you open a new window in which you want to set the check box against the action which you will perform. For example, "Choose from the list a program from a list" and click "Next" (this button is pressed all the time, as the system will ask for it). The wizard will load all the programs installed on your computerE. select a program that will work where you need to check.
When a certain program has been selected, select the operating system from the list of recommended (it will open once you click the "Next" button in the previous step). Then select the screen settings for the check programs and run the "program compatibility Wizard".
The test results will be displayed in a new dialog box with tips on how to proceed if the program and computer have incompatible configurations. In General we can say that the operating system will allow you to test virtually every program will work, so do not worry when you want to install the new software. It is also worth noting that developers often specify the settings for the programs that will be required for the correct operation of the computerand this program.