You will need
  • Personal computer
  • Specialized programs:
  • Driver Updater
  • Driver Checker
  • Device Doctor
The easiest way to check the computer for the installed drivers to make this using device Manager. Move the mouse on the my computer icon, click on it with right mouse button and in the opened context menu select device Manager. In the opened window you will see a list of all the installed drivers where you want to update or install the driver again, will be a yellow question mark.
To check your operating system for drivers and software by. For this you can use a very popular program Driver Updater. This program not only will scan your entire system for installed drivers and will download from the Internet missing. Driver Updater supports more than 230,000 devices and manufacturers, has Russian interface, but also has a significant drawback: it is not free.
To detect damaged or out of date drivers you can use and the least popular program of this type – Driver Checker. This program will automatically update and fix all drivers will remove damaged and will create a backup of existing drivers in case of any trouble. Unfortunately, as Driver Updater, Driver Checker is not a free program.
Using paid programs, you will enjoy the numerous amenities, but if your choice is a budget products, you should be interested in the program Device Doctor. It has the same functionality as its paid counterparts, but has some significant disadvantages, for example, the almost complete lack of information about the installed drivers. As great inconvenience is that the program does not give information about the compatibility of loaded drivers with the operating system installed on the computer.