To call a girl Pekingese can fold the first two letters of the name of her parents. For example: the mother of your puppy name is Cassia, and dad – Minton, then get the name of your female Kami, and the full name can give Camille. This method is often used for the selection of a name for purebred dogs. This is actually very convenient, no need to wrestle with what to call the puppy. And the names turn out beautiful, sometimes funny, but always unusual. The name you most likely will not meet somewhere a neighbor on the street.
модели стрижки пекинесов
Often in dogs with a pedigree already has a name, it is written in the documents issued by the kennel organization. Typically, this name is too long and difficult to pronounce, so by the rules you must give a nickname to your puppy such that its first letter coincides with the first letter of his name in documents. For example, in the documents your dog's name: Marisol San Systeml, but in real life it is possible to give a nickname just Mona.
Как ухаживать за пекинесом
Also the girl Pekingese can be called in accordance with your Hobbies. If you are a movie buff, name in honor of the beloved of kinogeroya or actress.
как приучать собаку гулять
And here are some ready-made names for girl Pekingese. If you want something funny, you could name the Link, Webby, Fly, Mouse, Umka, moon, Tire, Gingy, Hot, Top, Motya, kitty, UHL, Heat, hole, Jane, Panda, Dream, Sonya, Susan, Moon, Cranberry, Kerry, cherry, Chica, Wanda, Bonia, Face, Rick, Lola, Millie, Lexa, Fur, Finn.
как воспитать пекинеса
If on the contrary you want to pick up a decent name, we can call it: Melody, Mary, Amor, Cassandra, Agatha, Albina, Ala, Stella, Dina, nick, Jesse, Irma, Sophie, Stephen, feona, Juliet, Victory, Lolita, Monroe, Layla, Linda, Pearl, Lioness, Sandra, Chanel.
As the dog Chinese it can be called some Chinese name. For Example: Hua, Changi, Heng, Chin Lian, Mi, Sigma, Tao, Mei.