Once the puppy appear in the house, even if he is two months, immediately begin the process of education and don't let he fact that you can not do adult dogs. Define him a place to feed and rest. Feed him at set times and do not keep a bowl filled with food, more than 15 minutes. If you don't eat – so not hungry. Once accustom to the commands "Place" and "me."
дрессировка ротвейлера в домашних условиях
Set your rules and strictly demand compliance, otherwise your smart buddy can install them for you. Do not teach your puppy to "cococnut" next to your table, to re-educate then this beggar will be much more difficult. Engage and communicate with him largely depends on the character, intelligence and behavior of an adult dog. The more time you are together, the better.
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With a Jack Russell Terrier just need to go for long walks and play outdoor games. But he must always be on a leash if you are outside of a yard or other enclosed area. This is a hunting dog and can be run on seeing a cat or a bird. Even letting in a fenced yard, do not leave dog unattended – burrowing dog costs nothing to make a tunnel and escape safely.
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Do not teach puppy aggression and don't let even in the game to bite you. So it was about what to sharpen cutting teeth, buy him toys and bones from the veins. And clean out all the wires below on the floor where the puppy runs, they were not. The same applies to drugs and chemicals, because the breed is curiosity.
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To beat even a folded newspaper, Russells impossible. This quick-witted dog will be quite a strict tone. If he screwed up big time, then you can be punished only once caught him in the act. To do this, gently shake him, taking the skin in the area of the withers, as do mother-bitches.
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