You will need
  • Mailing envelope, postage, inventory, money.
Coming to the post office, buy a large A4 envelope for sending documents. It will need to bend the pages of the tax return. Acquire the necessary postage stamps for your envelope. After that, ask the postal worker to give you forms of inventory investments (2 copies: one for you, another postal employee), as to send the Declaration by mail better a valuable letter (list of attachments), in accordance with article 80 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation.
Complete copies of the inventory. First of all, you will need to specify to whom and where to send the letter. Next, write the names (names of shapes), number and value of sub-items. The declared value is recorded in roubles and usually amounts to 1 ruble for each document. Sign the inventory. Give both copies to the postal employee. He is obliged to certify them with his signature and postage stamp. After that, he should put one copy in a valuable letter, and the other to provide you.
Sign and give the finished letter to the postal employee who will be properly Packed and send it. Then pay postage. Get ready and check inventory. Now you have proof that you sent the Declaration to the tax office on time, because day reporting is considered the date of sending valuable letters, not the date of receipt of the Declaration to the tax authority.