You will need
  • - any suitable size tray (Cup),
  • - special",
  • - sprayer for flowers (or any other, not spurting),
  • - regular shower,
  • wet grass or thin twigs with leaves,
  • - baby soap or shampoo.
If your Corella prefers to swim in the baths, then you just need to provide a any suitable for the size of the bird, the bowl of water. Or hang in a cage specifically designed for these purposes, plastic (or plexiglass) to bathe. The water in the container should be poured not more than 1.5 inches. The water temperature should be room.
To bathing I liked the spray, you need to make a little bit of patience. At first, the bird may be scared of this method of bathing. But do not despair. To teach a parrot to the sprayer, you need every day next to him to spray the flowers (or simply to humidify the air) and, as if by chance from time to time to get on the bird. Thus it is necessary to observe her reaction. If a few weeks passed, and the parrot is clearly not your sort of procedure, then try to offer him another option of bathing. For example, the wet grass and twigs with leaves.
Bathing cockatiels in the grass need to wet it with water and put in a cage or a pallet. To attract birds in the middle of the pan to put a favorite treat.
Some parrots prefer to bathe under the shower or under running water. To find out whether this category is your bird, gently lift sitting on a perch pet to flowing water. First, the water needs to flow around, then try a little water on the parrot. If the bird is frightened, the procedure should be repeated no earlier than day.
It may happen that your Corella is accidentally soiled, for example, glue, paint, some sticky substance. Here arises the need to purposefully buy the bird. You need to take a budgie in his hands as follows:1. Place your hand on the back of the bird.
2. Fix the head, taking Corell under cheeks, dropping the head between the thumb and middle finger.
3. Other fingers grasp the body of the bird.It turns out that the parrot sits on his tummy to you. Now carefully wet the bird, making sure water does not get into the eyes and beak. Then gently lather the plumage of baby shampoo or soap. All rinse thoroughly. If the contamination on the back, then do the same thing, only flipping the bird back to you.