To make your parrot talking and hand, it is best to take in a very young bird. Select the most young chick, preferring it to the older pet. Adult parrots bad get used to people, it is difficult to teach and have a bad temper. In addition, keep in mind that males are much more capable to mimic human speech than females. And, of course, you need to have one Corell: the bird that lives in a pair of relatives, will never be to speak.
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Choose for your pet the correct cell. It should be quite large, so the parrot could sit in the center of the perch, free to spread its wings without touching their rods. At the same time, too large dwelling bird to anything: it won't get used to people, because can if you want to stay at a fairly respectful distance. Therefore, the learning process may be delayed.
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Possible start classes in the morning or evening. Even better to train the parrot in the morning and evening. Think over the words you want to teach Corell. For the first time fit just the name of a bird. When a parrot learns to say it, you can move on to more complex phrases. By the way, the name must be the sounds of hissing, their bird will find easier (gosh, Kesha, Yasha, etc.). If the parrot sitting calmly and slowly covers and re-opens his eyes, so he listens carefully. Selected words and phrases repeat many times, with the same intonation, the best high voice. This is due to the fact that parrots imitate the sounds.
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