Before bathing prepare all the necessities useful in the process: shampoo, a sponge and two towels. They should be on you at arm's length. You should choose a special shampoo for washing Pets. If necessary, you can use a regular baby shampoo.
Take a small basin and fill it with water. Watch the temperature, don't wash your kitten hot or too cool water. Enter the water in the basin so that its level reached the chest of your pet.
At the bottom of the basin be sure to put a towel or some kind of rubberized Mat to the kitty's paw does not slip on the bottom while bathing.
Before bathing in kitten ears, place cotton balls that they do not accidentally exposed to water.
Put the kitten in a basin, gently wet the coat and apply a little shampoo with hands or sponge. Lightly lather with massaging movements. Start with the head, move on to the neck, back and beyond. Wash your face with a cotton swab. Make sure that the water did not get into the eyes.
Then rinse the foam. Rinse the shampoo very gently and carefully. Water baby with warm water from a jug or ladle. After rinsing, make sure that the fur between toes and paw pads had no shampoo.
Be prepared for the fact that the kitten will try to make an attempt to escape, so always hold it. While bathing, talk to pet, praise him and call it by name. In any case, do not shout and do not beat.
After bathing wrap the kitten in a towel. After a few minutes, when the towel will absorb the bulk of the water from the coat and towel change. Cuddle the kitten and try to dry the wool, blotting it with a towel and combing with a special comb. Do not frighten the child and do not try to dry it with a hair dryer.
The room where the kitten will be after a bath must be very warm and without drafts. Try to create for the pet.