For aging mirrors you need to work with the flip side of the subject. Start with vytsarapyvanija drawing a needle through the foil. You can use a sharp razor. Drawing on the reverse side of the mirror can be as chaotic and special screen. It will create the effect of the cracks of time, which you then paint with any paint to match, for example, gold.
You can process the reverse side of the mirror acid, which will dissolve part of the layer responsible for reflecting properties. Then also paint the voids with paint.
One of the easiest ways to wear out the mirror, and RUB it on the back side with sandpaper, then hotcelebrity Potala and paint.
Designers use such a way of firing back. Paint burns very naturally, then, the mirror is also from the reverse side covered with gold leaf and painted.
And finally, to give the effect of antiquity is enough to wear out the frame of your mirror. Paint it the desired color. Wait for drying. RUB a candle (the wax should cover the convexity of the frame, its corners). Then paint the frame a different color. When it dries, with the force of a RUB with a rag to remove the wax layer. Antique mirror finish.