How to fix the old bag

To return the bag former beauty, you should thoroughly remove dust from its surface, passing through it with a wet sponge. Then you need to prepare the cleansing composition of water, liquid soap and ammonia, taking them in equal proportions. This composition need to treat the surface of the product, and then remove the excess with a dry cloth. If the bag has a greasy and oily stains, then get rid of them, inflicting on problem areas pounded into a powder chalk.

To handle bags made of natural leather suitable glycerin can be purchased at the pharmacy. Glycerin should be applied to the surface of the product and gentle circular motions to distribute it with a cotton pad. This simple procedure will allow you to return leather product to the original luster.

If on the bag there is wear, then hide them will help tool called "liquid skin". To purchase this composition can be in specialized stores. Before applying "liquid skin" is to make sure that it does not spoil the bag. To do this, spread a small amount on inconspicuous areas of the product.

How to decorate an old bag

To transform an old bag, returning it to its former luster, carefully remove all the accessories and replace it with a new one, which can be purchased in stores for needlework. You can opt for bright and massive accessories, which will fundamentally change the appearance of the product, making it more expressive.

To update handle products carefully enough to wrap them with a thin silk scarf, choosing color of fabric to match the bags. The edges of the scarf can be tied into beautiful bows. Instead of the scarf is permissible to use a satin or silk ribbon. If the bag there is a decorative ring or a special hole for a cord, you can skip the scarf or ribbon through them, securing the ends in neat knots.

Another option of spectacular décor, old bags can be a fringe of leather glued on top and bottom of the product. This fringe will allow you to hide from prying eyes the imperfections and give the product a stylish and slightly impertinent look.

To hide minor scuffs on the bag will help large rhinestone with matching products and fixed using the transparent quick-drying glue.

Using these simple techniques you can make from old bags exclusive thing, just show a little imagination and patience.