Talk to your family and friends. Ask them about the older relatives, grandparents. In every family there are stories and legends about ancestors that are passed down from generation to generation. Perhaps even your relatives will tell you the story of your family. Can also undertake the compilation of his family tree. This will help to learn more about the history of his family and the origin of your last name.
Look for the origins of your last name semantic analysis and the method of analogy. Look through various reference books and dictionaries. Find what refers to your surname and where it occurs. Often the name became the name of his father's profession, for example, "son of a Potter potters", etc. Quite often the name of non-Russian origin then Russified, for example, Sarkisian could become Sarkisov. The names formed in other ways:- from a person's appearance: Ryzhov;
- from the event that has occurred in human life: Nadenichek;
- personal qualities: Bystrov;
from the names of historical events: Nevsky;
- name: Ivan Sidorov;
from the names of religious holidays: Christmas;
from geographical names. As a rule, residence: Shuya, Ozerov;
- from the names of plants, animals, birds: Medvedev, Rybin, Smorodin;
- nicknames: Krivoshapko.
Ask for help from professionals. You will be able to ask them tips and instructions on how to find the history of your surname. They will be very useful, especially in the beginning. Remember, it's not an easy thing, have to put a lot of effort to get to the truth. Also, if you have no free time, you can request to have an investigation as a whole.
Look for the history of a surname through the Internet, but you need to navigate the world wide web. You may also need a good knowledge of the English language.