You will need
  • -hay
  • silos
  • -cake
  • -root vegetables
  • -bran
  • -grain waste
  • -birch twigs
  • -turnips
  • -Mel
  • -bone meal
  • Sol
The newly born goatswill strengthen contain breastfed for under the mother or is deposited by it and fed milk from a bottle with a nipple, gradually accustoming to drinking milk from the container. The milk should be fresh, just statnim. With the capacity to start feeding as soon as the goatLETA learn to stand on their own feet. To do this, give them time to get hungry, bring a bowl. If goatsGoldilocks not drink, in a bowl put your hand down and goatsLenka give me the finger, gradually accustoming to drinking the milk itself. To feed goatswill strengthen 3-4 times a day and at a time to give 250 ml of milk.
Все о козах: как содержать
With two to three weeks goatsLatham applied in a manger juicy hay, a mash of bran and withdrawn to graze on fresh grass.
как содержать козу
With four months the goatswill strengthen the transferred to the common herd and feed as well as adult goats. To four months must, in addition to feed to give 750 ml of milk divided into portions.
как расширить маленькое отверстие соска у козы
The diet of adult goats should be very diverse, especially in autumn and winter. In summer the main food is fresh grass for grazing.
почему снижаются надои надои в 2013 году
In winter the diet one goatyou must be hay not less than 2 kg, turnip – 4kg, birch brooms 1 kg, half a kilo of bran, 250 gr. cake, 2 oz. salt, 15 ml of chalk and bone meal.
повышение удоя у коз
Also give the silo, if it is properly laid and properly stored, has a putrid smell. Silos give small doses, gradually bringing to 3 kg per day.
Be sure to give the grain mash and chopped root vegetables.
Feed the goats 3 times a day, strictly at the same time.