Goat milk is much healthier than cow, its therapeutic properties are known to mankind for many centuries. In the past it was goat's milk was the most effective means for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diathesis, anemia, and many others.

как содержать козу

In order to make the country a goat, no need to be a farmer in the fifth generation. Basic knowledge about the breeding of these hardy and intelligent animals are quite affordable even completely versed in the field of animal husbandry person.

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Where contain?

Как завести козу

For keeping goats will suit any utility room, for example, the coop. This animal will easily find common language with chickens, ducks, and even turkeys. We only need to remember that the goat is difficult to tolerate the damp and cold and heat, it is quite tolerable.
The stall, which can be equipped in the chicken coop must be well ventilated, it is necessary that the air circulate constantly. You need to ensure that the stall was dry and light, besides that it was not draft. In a warm, mild climate, the goat can be kept and under cover, but in areas located to the North, you need to define a place for it in the room.

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In winter, the stall is desirable to insulate, even despite the fact that goats tolerate cold. Comfortable temperature for keeping of an animal in winter is 7-8 degrees, and if goats are goats, respectively, the temperature should be above at least 5-6 degrees.

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For the maintenance of goats is possible to build a separate room – goat's Rue. To build Galega necessary so that its square was enough for two or more animals, the more they have space for maneuver, the better and more useful the milk. For example, a couple of Pets will be quite comfortable feel in the room 2x2 meters. If the farm has a goat, it must be kept separate from the goats because their milk after talking with a representative male can acquire the characteristic "goaty" smell.

What to feed?

In warm time of the year the basis of a goat's diet is green forage. The day the goat eats 3 kg of different herbs. It is important that the goat is not eaten such plants as chamomile, tansy, wormwood, horsetail, leaves of tobacco and mustard. These herbs can have a negative impact not only on animal health but also on the quality of the milk.

Winter goat feed hay. Accordingly, in the warm season you need to stock up. The calculation about this: 500 kg per adult animal, goat – about 300 kg. Also winter in the goat's diet add small bundles of birch, willow, poplar or Rowan branches with leaves. A Supplement to the animal extremely useful. Only during the winter, the goat needs to eat about a hundred of these bundles.