The main diet of calves of monthly

Calf at an early age is growing rapidly, the weight gain should be 500-700 g per day. In the early days he fed colostrum, then watered three times a day of whole fresh milk – 1.5 litres at a time. If no, the milk is heated to 37 o C. Cold poyka leads to disruption of the normal digestive processes. At the age of 15-20 days, the young plants watered twice a day, the rate per day leave the same 5 liters, gradually replacing whole food with skim milk or powdered milk. Two month calves completely transferred to a separator.

Preferably once a day in milk, add 50 g of fish oil for prevention of rickets in calves. A two-week calves accustomed to feed herbal hay should be of high quality, no mold. In the summer of teletok from 20-day-old produce to graze on green grass. Eating roughage contributes to the good functioning of the digestive system.

To one month the youngsters give whole oats, thirty calves begin to feed crushed grain, which consists of wheat, barley, oats. The rate of feeding is 150-200 g per day for 1 head. You can feed them concentrated feed consisting of oil cake, linseed and sunflower seed, flour, corn and oat, wheat bran − all taken in equal amounts. To overfeed the granules, and concentrates, I hammered calves the rumen, which leads to bloating and even death of the animal.

Useful supplements

Need the kids in grated carrots – source of vitamin A. it is Also desirable to give them special feed-starters that are produced by the feed industry. They meet the needs of calves in lysine, protein, amino acids.

In a separate trough in babies should always be mineral fertilizer, chalk, and salt, and the bowl – clear water. Useful feed premixes containing micro and macro elements, fodder antibiotics. Preparations "Bactrin" and "Grizin" contribute to the improvement of metabolism, due to which the calves grow quickly.

Special attention should be paid to the presence of vitamins in the diet, in case of their lack, especially in winter, as food is necessary to add synthetic vitamin complexes. Youngsters have fragile immunity, susceptible to various infectious diseases, so buckets and troughs, of which watered, fed, kept in clean.

With indigestion, the animal ceases to give milk, give cool brewed black tea, decoction of oak bark, raw eggs, antibiotics.