Prepare paper envelopes and folders before you start looking for information for family tree. Make a folder on the computer. To remember everything is impossible, and information are the most confusing and fragmented. The more orderly will be the extracted information, the easier and faster you make ancestry.
Spend houses audit of old letters, papers, documents and photos. Pay special attention to birth certificates, employment records, passports, award certificates and military tickets. For each person there must be a separate envelope and a separate folder on your computer where you will put all documents in paper and scanned. Do not flip in the direction of old notebooks and letters. They can be need information about distant relatives or passport numbers, for example.
Get ready for a long inquiries and conversations. Tune in to the fact that not all will come to you for help. Often distant relatives have no desire to communicate with each other. Prepare for meetings in advance. Agree on the phone or send a letter requesting a meeting. Be sure to record in a notebook everything you tell or make a recording on tape. Don't forget to bring your camera. To part with friends relatives are unlikely to want, but to photograph them is likely to allow.
Prepare the queries to the archive. About every person, which you make the request must contain the following information: name, date of birth and death, even the approximate, place of residence and occupation or class.
Build your first tree, after collect all the available information about relatives. Better if their will be a few. For example, one descending tree – from the most ancient known to you relative to the newly found still alive. The second tree you can build on the maternal side, focusing on her maiden name. The methods of trial then you will stay at one of the most convenient option.