If you have a dirty suede jacket, then it should be washed. However, in this case, the term "wash" do not take literally. Because the products are suede moisture absorb like a sponge, so water needs to be used in minimal quantities. Otherwise, the material will swell and stretch. After drying it is likely that fleecy layer will harden and rolled.
In order to brush and refresh the suede jacket try the following simple recipe. Prepare a solution consisting of half a teaspoon of 10% ammonia and the same amount of skim milk. Instead of alcohol can use soda ash. Soak in a solution of a cotton swab. They wipe dirty surfaces.
If suede jacket got heavy dirt, try to clean with soap and water. For its preparation use a mild shampoo or baby soap. Watch carefully to suede not much wet.
If the jacket appeared to become shiny places, then get rid of them, you can use milk and soda ash. To do this dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of milk. Moisten with a solution of a soft brush and gently brush them a spot. After complete drying of the product, RUB this spot with a dry brush. If your jacket is brown, for cleaning try using coffee grounds.
If your jacket is suede got a little pollution, it may help a special brush for cleaning suede. Can also try to use brushes for cleaning suede or nubuck. For them, the suede is very similar in properties. These fit perfectly removes dust and dirt without crushing the pile. If you have no brush, and the product is an urgent need to clean, try to do regular sandpaper.