Remember to bring with faux suede oil and grease, it is necessary to use only dry cleaning. To do this, use turpentine.
Remove blemishes from vegetables and fruits soap suds with a sponge.
Prepare a mixture of detergent and methyl alcohol (take a glass of water and add 20 ml of alcohol). Remove stains from alcoholic beverages to this mixture. To remove beer stains, use the same composition, but reduce the amount of methyl alcohol (a glass of water pour a teaspoon of methanol). Wine remove with a sponge soaked in vinegar solution with detergent.
To get rid of stains from coffee, tea, milk, use 10% ammonia diluted in soapy water.
Scour marks from a ballpoint pen, Shoe Polish, bitumen, tar, turpentine oil.
Clean stains from oil paints are cleaned with turpentine.
Remove stains from cosmetic means with a solution of washing powder. For stains from nail Polish, use a special solvent for varnish.
Difficult stains remove with a mixture of alcohols. Take 90% ethanol and 5% ammonia.
Clean fresh stains on a sheepskin coat of artificial suede, just prisypaya the stain with starch or semolina, so no stains remain on the fabric. Dirty place to RUB a soft brush dipped in a mixture of glycerin, ammonia in equal proportions 20 g with the addition of a teaspoon of borax, and 450 milliliters of water.
Clean clothes made of artificial suede with the help of the steam cleaner. The steam raises the pile and cleans it from dirt and odors. For local spots using special erasers or rubber curry brush. Can be cleaned with a solution of warm water and shampoo. Cleaning movements make in the direction of the pile. Remove the soap residue means a damp cloth and moisture with a dry cloth.
To clean a sofa made from faux suede and you can wet vacuum, by typing in a tank of water solution of detergent.
Remember, self-cleaning artificial suede, you can make mistakes that worsen the condition of your things. It is better to trust professionals and take the thing to the dry cleaners.