Profits from sales implies the difference between revenue from salesand cost of production. Revenue from salesand includes all cash proceeds from the sale of products. The cost of production otherwise can be called as the production costs of the goods.
You should identify the following factors that affect the amount of profit from sales. These include:• increasing the volume of sales of goods or services;
• variety of product assortment;
• reduction of production costs;
• change the prices of products.
Usually find gross profit and net profit. Gross income is all the income from salesof products or services. Net profit remains after deducted from the gross income all the costs and pay taxes. In short, the net profit is the final result of activity of the enterprise.
In order to find the profit from sales of goods or services for a start you need to find your gross profit. You need to know the implementation, or in other words a total amount of sales. This amount is taken from the table "sales of goods and services" in the external report profits from sales in the program 1C Accounting.
Find the cost of production. The cost is taken from the transactions 41 account of the same report.
We expect gross profit. To do this from the sales value subtract the cost of production.
Having determined the gross profit you can calculate the profit from salesand production. To do this, find the cost of management. This sum is included in line 040 the section "Income and expenses on ordinary types of activities the statement of profit and loss. In the same section of the statement of profit and loss find business expenses, which are reflected in the row 030.
Subtract from the gross profit commercial expenses and management costs. The result is the profit from salesand production.